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  1. Megan

    Hi Im Megan and I was contacting your agency because I am interested in being in your model agency , im 15 think im qualified for it , & I am a first time beginner , but still believe I have what it takes.

    1. Sarah

      Hi megan , im sarah that cool that you want to be a model so do I hope modleing works out for u

  2. chasity wood

    Hi, i’m chasity i was contacting yall because i am interested in being a model for an agency, i’m 14 and i am a first time beginner, i think i have what it take to be part of you modeling agency i believe i have what it takes so please contact me.

  3. Sarah Johnson

    Hello my name is Sarah Johnson and I am interested in modeling. I am trying to pay for studying abroad at Oxford University next year. I am a 16 year old varsity cheerleader, soccer player and volleyball player. I am enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Program of Academic Excellence. I participate in several clubs and community service organizations. I live in Dallas TX and I look forward to hearing back from you.

  4. April Simpson

    I am 14 and just starting modeling. I have just gotten a modeling contract with an agency but still looking for more jobs. I am 5′ 9″ with red hair and green/brown hazel eyes. All my friends could tell you about my outgoing and different personality. Please ignore my natural hair in the photos on the Model Shop website( I have dyed it red since) and consider me for the job.

    1. Veronica

      Elite Dallas Models is looking for girls 10-20 years of age for simple gigs in the dallas area. One or two hours of shooting. Please email your best pics or vids to elitedallasmodels@yahoo.com to be selected for an interview. Thank you, Veronica.

  5. Kaelynn wilson

    Hi my name is kaelynn wilson and id like to try modeling my mom always said that I was photogenic and that i should try modeling so im doing this. Im 12 I live in wichita falls and I dont mind coming out to dallas hope you get back to me.

  6. Hang Nguyen

    Hiyo~ I’d like to try for this job out of curiousity. Currently, I am a freelance traditoonal artist. Er. . . . Nothing else basically. (*´ω`*)

  7. Genesis

    Hi, my name is Genesis and I would love to be model. I’ve been told many times that I’m very photogenic. Plus I’ve always wanted to give it a shot. I’m 13 and live in Bowie tx and we wouldn’t mind driving to Dallas!!

  8. Claire Miller

    Hi, My name is Claire. I am a 13 yr old and I have no experience, and I don’t have an agent or anything, but I would love to get into this business. Here’s a little bit about me. I live in a small town outside of Dallas. I am blond with green/brown eyes. I am about 5 2″ (yes I am short but my personality will make up for it) I am a size 2-3 and weigh about 115 if that matters. Please contact me! I would love to work with y’all. I may be a small town girl, but I have big dreams and hope to inspire them.

  9. Paula Trejo

    Hi my name is Paula and I always wanted to be a model im 13 and I have no experience so im a beginner and I live in dallas,tx and I hope my dreams come true

  10. Veronica

    Elite Dallas Models is looking for girls 10-20 years of age for simple 1-2 hour shoots. Travel and meals will be provided while on shoot. Please email Veronica at elitedallasmodels@yahoo.com

  11. Alexis Carson

    Hi my name is Alexis and I’ve been wanting to be a model all my life I’m 13 but I’m a beginner and I live in McKinney Texas I hope my dreams come true

  12. Humberto

    I’m so interested. In being a model. For you.I’m sexy and cute also I’m 12 years old send me an email please and thanks.:)

  13. Cheyenne

    Hey, Im cheyenne, im 16 years old. i take pictures of myself all the time i can take amazing pictures i really have what it takes!!!

  14. Sarah arnett

    Omg modeling hahahahah, Hi my Sarah arnett im 14 years old ,pretty tall,longhair,and slim
    I have never modled before but would love to. I’ll try hard while still having fun!! Hope you pick me to be your modle .

  15. briana sanchez

    Hey This is briana im 5’8 , Im 16 years old and i would love to join your agency. I have some experience ,but im eager to learn and and love to model. Im also very outgoing and again would love to join your agencie.

  16. keairra thompson

    hello, my name is Keairra Thompson, Im 13 and seeking to do acting.

  17. Marisa Turrubiarte

    Hello, my name is Marisa I’m 14 I will be 15 in November. My dream has always been to become a model. I am a beginner I have no experience but I would love to learn, I’m a fast and easy learner and I know I’ll be easy to work with. Please help make my dreams and prayers come true.

  18. Connor Prado

    Where would you like me to send a photo to?

  19. Ayanna Raglin

    hi my name is ayanna my mom wants me to start modeling she always say i have the perfect height, perfect shape of body so told wait a couple weeks and she will get the answer so i thought i would try it if i don’t like it will quit and continue being in pageant now want to be a model

    1. Ayanna Raglin

      i am 11 yr old i will be 12 yr old in April 28

  20. Brooklynn Anderson

    Hey! My name is Brooklynn Anderson Im 13 and been wanting to go into the modeling buisness for a while now. Im very outgoing and love to meet people I live in Winters, Tx and I would love for you to send me and email Thanks:D

  21. Khasie

    Hey im Khasie and im 12 ive been a model since I was 8 and I love it!! Thanks

  22. lavonyah holmes

    My name is Lavonyah Holmes. I’m 15 years old and have little experience but am an easy learner. I’m very outgoing and have a funny personality. My height is 5’8 which makes modeling easier. I think that I’d be great for this opportunity and hope that you think so to. And I’d love it if you make my dreams come true.

  23. aylin castro

    hello I’m Aylin, I’m 16 years old, i would like to do modeling so i can build up my confidence more and so i can show my parents that i can accomplish something new in my life. i played soccer and i want to be the girly side now. (:
    i don’t know no my height lol I’m not that short or that tall, I’m average height.
    I’m slim, i have brown eyes, brown hair and I’m Hispanic (: if you want to know more about me send me a message on my email, THANK YOU!

    1. edward

      hola Aylin mi nombre es Edward, sabes que yo tengo una hija de 6 años y me gustaria que ella entrara al modelaje, como supistes tu de esta agencia, me gustaria que dieras mas explicacion, gracias y disculpa que te escriba a ti pero vi k dijistes k eras hispana…. gracias pasa buen dia

  24. edward

    mi correo aylin es edwardayalagar@hotmail.com gracias

  25. Ajanda Thomas

    I am a fun 5′ 7 1/2″ dark skin female with sandy brown hair, BIG dark brown eyes and a beautiful white smile! I love the camera and would love to be considered for the teen calendar! Thank you for the consideration for this opportunity.

  26. Karina Munoz

    Hello I am Karina, i am 15 years old. I am a beginner , modeling has always been my dream , I have a lot of personality. I am also a fast learner, many people have told me I would be a great model and I’ve been wanting to go into the modeling industry for a long time. I hope I hear from you all soon.

  27. Kyrissa Obregon

    Hi, I’m Kyrissa . I’m 14 years old . I’am 5 1/2 feet tall . I have not had any other modeling or acting jobs but I would love to start now . I may have no experience with modeling or acting put I know the I can do it .

  28. Sarah

    Hi my names Sarah im 15 years old and i love to do nothing but model and singing ive been featured in R.O.S.S FASHION SHOW and ive been told by various models that i have the potential to be a model so i really hope i hear from yall soon.

  29. Caroline Story

    Hi, I’m Caroline Story, I am 13 and interested in modeling. I am 5,4″ and I do not have much experience in modeling, but I have been shot by a professional photographer before. If you have any questions or any more details you would like to know, I would appreciate it of you e mailed me. Thank you!

  30. Ashley Rodriguez

    Hello ! I’m Ashley , I’m 15 , 5’1 , i have long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes , nothing very special , i know , I also have distinctive dark , thick and bold eyebrows .
    I doubt you’d see my comment with so many others , well , I don’t have experience , sadly , but I’d be willing to try my best to work with y’all . I might not be much of a looker but I have a personality people seem to like , people have told me I’m kind , generous and very hard working . it would be a great mini-adventure to experience something different (: I hope you consider picking me , thank you !


    i have blond hair i’m 13 i have won rodeo princess and miss country strong in the wills point Texas bluebird pageant i have fun in pageants i also like taking pictures pleas contact me thank you=)

  32. London

    Hi my name is London and I’m 15 and i know I would be fit for this job I’ve been wanting to be a model for so long and I’m a beginner but I know something’s because my is a fashion designer so plz contact asap 7164446100

  33. Taylor Newman

    Hi, my name is Taylor Newman and I am 16 years old!
    I have no modeling experience but am trying to try something new! I am 5’3″, have dark brown eyes, dark brown hair, a white smile, and am African American/ Caucasian. I have been a dancer for 8 years so I am always in shape! I am a hard worker who is outgoing and loves to have a good time! I would love for y’all to consider me for your agency!

  34. kiara wilkerson

    Hi im 12 years old female brown hair long brown eyes white skin drop dead gorgeous 5 feet tall 82 pounds and yes I will work with animals.

  35. Gissele

    My name is Gissele I am a beginner but i an willing to put hard work and anything thing it takes to become better!

  36. Brett Barr

    I’m 6’2 , I have big curly hair, I am mixed with black, white & Italian

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