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  1. Isabel

    Please email me it’s always been my dream to be on Disney channel! I also have a little expirience in acting! I would make the perfect little sister or friend! Please email

  2. Malobi Momah

    Hey you may not have heard of me but I really know how to act and I would make a really great little brother or friend and. it would be a dream come true to be on the show, so I really hope you pick me.

    1. Malobi Momah

      Zendaya and I have the same skin complexion so it would be really realistic for me to act as Katy’s /Zendaya’s little brother so it would be really awesome if you picked me.

  3. Ashley Rodriguez

    Hello , I’m Ashley (: I have a desire to be on TV and so does my brother , we would love to hear back from y’all ! Please do email me if you feel as if you need more extras and such . I’m 15 and my brother is 13 (:
    Thank you !

  4. jaycee shine

    i want to be an extra or apart of the show i think i look a little like zendaya

  5. jaycee shine

    I’ll make a great sister out friend but I’m 11and i have some acting experience plus it is my dream to be on Disney channel

  6. Miracle

    Hi my name is miracle.
    I’m 11 years old
    I was born September 1st
    I love fashion
    I do many pageants
    I’m in gymnastics
    I’m a hip-hop dancer
    I’m a model and a beginner actor

    I am a huge fan of Zendaya
    We were born on the same day which I cool I have the same birthday as my idol working with her would be a dream come true I hope you guys read this

    Thank You!!!

  7. Miracle

    Hi in have a daughter named Miracle
    She was born September 1st
    Shes 11 years old
    Shes a model actor dancer and singer/songwriter
    She admires Aaliyah,Beyonce,and Zendaya
    We hope to receive a email soon .

    Thank you

  8. Brooklynn

    Hi my name is brooklynn my
    Full name is Brooklynn reign Gordon
    Well I’m an African American girl with brown
    Eyes curly hair is been my dream to be I Disney
    Nick and now I have this chance I would say I’m a
    Deva little girl that is 11 yrs old and I experience
    In acting I’ve been acting sence I was about five but
    This would be my big brake I can play a little sister and
    Any thing exactly but can you please help my dream come
    True. Thankyou kindley for your time : Brooklynn

  9. Mariah

    Please email me I would love be on disney especially with zendaya
    please contact me as soon as you can you can

  10. Kaiyla

    If your coming to Texas for auditions please email me

  11. juan waters

    Hi my name is Juan and it’s always been a dream of mine to be an actor it’s something I always wanted to do im 15 years old 6’0 ft and African American. I just one day want to be that person people see as a inspiration. So I hope yall give me a chance

  12. Grace Nande

    Please send me more information on this! I am an aspring actor and very well interested this.

  13. Payton Free

    Hi my name is payton and I really enjoy Disney channel and acting even if I was just a extra u would love it, a bit about me is i love video game and t.v I know it’s random stuff but there it is.

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