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MR PRESIDENT: Courage at Midnight is a compelling coming of age story about a young man named Justice T. Moore. Rambunctious, outspoken and out of control, he is confronted with the love and friendship of the most unexpected friend, Mr. President. Journey with us as we live through his eyes and get a sneak peak into the everyday life, challenges and sacrifices of the first family. Within every turn the power of love changes a family and a nation. A Theatre Production of Drama, Dance and Song that will captivate your senses and inspire you to March On!

Now holding auditions for the following roles:

Requirements: All Ethnicities, Men, Age 25-35, 5’10” — 6’3″, Muscular/ Athletic build

Requirements: Caucasian Female, Age 25-35, Medium buildIf you are interested in auditioning for the roles please submit your application along with a photo and brief resume.

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  1. Kontessa Walker

    How are you? Hope you are having a lovely productive day. Hi, my name is Kontessa Walker. I prefer you to call me Tessa. I am 27 years of age and I am 6 feet tall. I am slim ,my weight is 130. I wear size 11 shoe size, and I am dark skinned, and I am in the process of growing dreadlocks. I do not have a car, but I know that that will not hinder my goal. I struggle with my skin care, I am always looking for a better skin regimen. I have light patches on my back. I am goofy a lot, I love laughing. Sometimes I am so goofy it makes me a little insecure. when I am around normal people I always feel out of place simply because I know I belong from another world. I feel and know that I am a super star and suppose to be on almost every billboards over the world. I am multitalented. I am not your everyday normal person you see. I am Tessa. I am made in my own image. Now as I am writing this letter to you, I know and deeply feel that you will look deep inside of you and find a burning desire to help me climb up the latter. I am so confident that you will be calling me pretty soon. I am going to continue to dream about that moment when you will contact me its going to change my life for forever. Here is my contact information 832-321-3359 or here is a little something to remember. I have a burning desire to live out my dreams so there is nothing I will not do to help tribute to it. Contact me at any time when you’re ready. Thank you in advance. I look forward to meeting and working with you. Lets make our mark over the world.

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