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  1. Michal Ann Morrison

    I’d love to be considered!

  2. Brooke Barnett

    I am 5’3, wear a size 2-3 and I’m 18 years old. I would love to have this opportunity!

  3. Savannah Huggins

    Im 5’5. 110 pounds. I’ve been told for years that I am very pretty and photogenic and should pursue modeling. I will be 17 in July and have already graduated high school. I’ve been looking for an opportunity like this for a while and would love to be considered!

  4. Savannah Huggins

    Im 5’5 110 pounds. I have always been told I am very photogenic and that I should pursue modeling. I will be 17 in July and im already finished with high school. So I have been looking for an opportunity like this for a while. I would loooove to be considered.

  5. bianca celine

    sounds very interesting. Im 4’11” 110-115
    size 0….email for pic:)

  6. Kentreal

    I am 20 years old 5’6 110 pounds I wear a size three. I am very interested in becoming a model I have some experience with modeling as well. I would love to become a model this has always been my dream.

  7. kelsie smeby

    hello, my name Kelsie Smeby, Im about to be 18, im 5’7, and slender 120 lbs. im 34-b, size (0-2) long dark hair, and green eyes, and tan. I have previous experience, and was looking for jobs and came across this. if you need help im willing to help out. you can E-mail if your interested. im easy to get along with and know what to do:) if your still interested just reply.

  8. Kyra

    Hi! my name is Kyra and im very interested in modeling.
    I am 16 (17 in August) years old,
    height: 5″9
    weight: 106lbs
    dress size: 0
    platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, Caucasian.
    I would LOVE to be considered please email me for more information/pictures.

  9. Courtney Hanna

    My name is Courtney Hanna. I am 17. I have no modeling experience. I am just going out on a limb and praying someone will help in in the right direction. I am 4’11. 96lbs. I am very toned. I have brown hair and hazel eyes. I am half white and half Egyptian. I know I don’t have any experience, but I am a quick learner and a hard worker. I just need someone to mentor me. So, if your interested, please email me!
    Thank you for your time!
    -Courtney Hanna

  10. Cristina Mendez

    Hi- I’m Cristina.. I’m 5’5 and Puerto Rican, although I am often mistaken for Indian or Arabic. I’m a Junior in highschool and am interested n gaining this sort of experience. Emaiil for pic~ thanx

  11. Anam Zaki

    Hey, I’m Anam Zaki. I’ve been through Modeling school and have done promotional Modeling before. I want to start doing photo shoots and I’d be more than happy to be a part of this shoot! I’m currently 16, about to turn 17, and I’m a size 2-3. Please email for pictures and more information!

  12. ashley

    I’m 22 and im 4’11 95-100 pounds supper tiny my pant size are 00-000 got long black hair and glowing green eyes

  13. avery sudduth

    Im avery, I would love to be in a photoshoot. Im 5’2″ 102lbs, size 0. I have no experience, but need a hand in the right direction to get me started.

  14. Mercedes Gutierrez

    Hi there! My name is Mercedes Gutierrez and I am 18 years old. I am 5 foot 2 inches tall and weigh 116 pounds. I am half hispanic and half white with dark brown hair and brown eyes. I would love an opportunity to help you out by being a petite model for you! I do not currently have any experience with modeling, but I am definitely willing to put in any work that it may take in order to be successful.

  15. Tayla Simmons

    You can also contact me at 515-257-3020 Thank You.

  16. Mackenzie N.

    Name: Mackenzie Noto
    Age: 16
    DOB: 12/29/–
    Weight: 100lbs
    Height: 5.6″
    Size: 0-1 Long/Reg
    Hair: Short
    Eyes: brown
    Ethnic: Caucasian/ Italian
    Am an uprising semi-experienced model. Looking to update my portfolio considering the new wardrobe and hair change. My Mother (former*now retired* international model) is my Modeling Coach. Live in the Austin area, am hoping you’re interested. If so, please send an email.
    Thank you 🙂

  17. Annalee Nelson

    Hi! I’m 5’10” size 2 and 123lbs light brown hair and hazel eyes.

  18. Dana

    Hi! My name is Dana and I’m extremely interested in your photo shoot. I have no prior experience but am willing to learn. I’ve wanted to model for a long time just never knew how to get started and am now looking for a break through to start my portfolio up.
    I am 17, standing at 5’5, and weighing 110 pounds. I have blue eyes and blonde hair and I am caucasian.
    I really hope you consider me! 😀
    Email me for pictures.

  19. Jessica Holland

    I am 20 years old, 5’4 and i weigh 116lbs. I currently wear anything from a size 1-4 and would love this opportunity.

  20. Lucy Pickens

    I would love to be considered, although I lack any previous model experience. I am 16 years old and have finished my sophomore year of highschool. I weigh around 110-116 lbs, (muscle) and am 5’3″. I have larger than normal shoulders and upper back, due to extensive swimming and rock climbing. I have dark golden/brown/blond hair, and blue eyes, and am caucasian.
    Please email me for pictures.

  21. JIan

    i’m not 22. However, I am petite, and have modeling experience. Text me an Address and we can take it from there

  22. Joyce

    I’m 5′ 5” and 107 pounds. I’m asian with long black hair and dark brown eyes. I have previously been scouted by a petite modeling agency but decided not to pursue it in favor of school (I’m currently in college). Hope to hear from you!

  23. Erika Grounds

    My names Erika. I’m 18, 4’10 & 85 pounds. I have no experience but I’m really anxious to learn. I’m a size 00-0 & I have brown hair & brown eyes. I’m mainly white but I’m also 1/4 Native American. I hope you consider me, & you can email me for pictures.

  24. carol

    I am 5,4”, 98 pounds, 0 size, Asian. long hair.

  25. Haley

    Hi my name is Haley. I would love to be a part of this. I’m 5″1″ wear a size 2 although that’s a little big on me. I have JRP talent acting and modeling training. I weigh 92 lbs. to 94 lbs. most days sometimes less. I have blond hair, blue eyes, and have had numerous strangers say I’m beautiful, sexy, and they call me babe. If you’re looking for a gal who’s sure to make you look good as a leader, then choose me. Send an email if you want to know more. May need a refresh on stances. Thanks!

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