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  1. Matty Grant

    Cant really find a place were i can upload a photo. Im 21 years old, Male, i have a chest piece, Lower Stomach, and a full sleeve on my left arm.

  2. Luke York

    If you could email me and I will send photos .. 20 years old have 2 sleeves chest piece neck pieces and a few more spots

  3. taylor jones

    I have a left leg sleeve tatto

  4. Brendan Roberson

    Hi, I’m 22 and I have my chest, arms, back, and some of my ribs tatd.

  5. Calvin McGraw

    Email me so i can send pictures

  6. Trayvon Mcduffie

    I’m 22 years old have 2 full sleeves including hands and fingers are tattooed. Neck, chest, ribs,abs, and back is completely covered.

  7. Dakas White

    Im 19 years old, i have face tattoos, hands and fingers tatted, almost done left sleeve, a couple stomach tattoos, almost done chest and full neck tatted

  8. Kyle Damon

    i have my neck tattooed and i have one sleeve on my left arm and couple tattoos on my right arm. i have my hands tattoo my back has two big pieces and both my legs are tattoo

  9. Kendall durant

    Is this still available?

  10. Jomathan Benjamin

    Im a tattoo model. im available

  11. Filipe Monteiro

    44 years old and pieced up, if your looking I am in

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