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  1. Victoria Rivera

    I want to learn and be a model.

  2. ciera duby

    I would really like to become a model. always have since I was a little girl

  3. Lexus H.

    I’m 13 and I love taking photography photos of people and I’d love to be a model (:

  4. Vivan

    Im 17 and I love photography and I love taking pictures have an interest in being a model or how to become one .

  5. Giselle Garcia

    Hi I’m 14 , and would love to be in modeling . I have worn contacts before with prescription and without . I’ve worn gray, hazel , and green . I’m also very photogenic

  6. celeste

    I would love being a model I’m very good around the camera people say I’m really pretty. I have always wanted to become a model sense I was little!

  7. Daija Macahilas

    Looking to start up a career in modeling. I live in McKinney Tx so it’d be very easy to arrive.

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