Casting Call for ‘Million Dollar Quartet’


About ‘Million Dollar Quartet’

The very famous ‘Million Dollar Quartet’ is a musical movie of 1956. The story revolved around four friends; Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins.  They assemble at the Sun recording studio in Memphis, Tennessee. The story is being revitalized and for the miniseries, CMT calls for various roles and extras for the shooting of “Million Dollar Quartet” in Memphis.

The freezing and unfreezing at the hands of magical vocal cords and singing of one of the quartets and how all the fame and fortune followed them with their skills and expertise. There is a stake on few relationships alongside and not to forget some of the friend-bonding moments too.

The miniseries by CMT will highlight the important aspects of the rise of the musicians and their fame which earned the musical a Tony Award. The recording sessions are the prime focus of the miniseries, and along with that there would be different endeavors as they tread on their journey towards stardom. CMT plans to make it an 8 part miniseries that would be aired on CMT in 2016.

Highlights for the Casting Notice

  • The extras will be paid
  • The payment rate for the extras would be $64.00 for 8 hour shoot ($8.00 per hour and a guarantee of 8 hours)
  • Overtime would also be paid to the extra roles after 8 hour shoot
  • The payment check would be received by the extras after the work (10-14 business days)
  • Accommodation or mileage reimbursements would not be paid to the cast working as background actors
  • There are no pre decided call times, thus the cast would have to be 100% available on the given dates
  • Apply if you are flexible with call timings and wrap-up timings- only

The Character Requirements

Following are the character requirements for CMT’s “Million Dollar Quartet”:

  1. Family Parents (Featured Extras)

  • Male and female actors and actresses are required for the role of parents
  • They need to be African Americans
  • The age range for this role requirement is 33-45 years
  • The applicants must be able to make interesting character faces as per the requirement of the role
  • Men need to have a medium build and that is for the restricted wardrobe size
  • Men also need to have short hair or be willing to let us give you a 50’s style haircut
  • Women need to be no larger than a size 12, the reason is also wardrobe size restrictions
  • Women also need to have natural hair color (no dyes)
  • The applicants must have no visible tattoos on their bodies
  • Fingernails need to be short and there is absolutely no need for acrylics or fake nails which are too obvious
  1. Family Kids (Featured Extras)

  • For the role of family kids, both genders need to apply
  • The age of the applicant has to be between 7-11 years
  • There would be a requirement of interesting faces of characters
  • Boys need to have short hair or hair with which they could let us give them a 1950’s period haircut and style
  • Girls should not be having colored hair, natural hair is a requirement as this role has a probability of recurrence throughout the filming schedule
  • The submissions have to be emailed to
  • The subject line for the email has to contain ‘ Featured Family Booking’ in it
  • The first name, last name, height, weight, size and valid contact number needs to be included in the email along with a recent photo
  • For the submissions for children, include the child’s name, age, parents’ name
  • If you haven’t already created a profile at OLC database, make sure you do it this time at so that the database may contain your information for future role requirements

Casting Call For Extras For Camera Test

The applicants will be auditioning with costumes and it will be filmed at Memphis, TN. The following requirements need to be taken into account before applying:

  1. Female Caucasian

  • A role of an extra artist requires a female Caucasian actress
  • The age range is 18-28
  • The applicant must have blonde hair
  • The size range is 34 bust/42-44 bust, 25-30 inch waist, 32-38 hips (which would be approximately the size 4 or 10 of ladies)
  • The applicants must have no tattoos on their bodies at all
  • The color of hair has to be natural only
  • Fingernails need to be short , no fake nails
  • There is a high chance this role would recur in the filming procedure
  1. Male Caucasian

  • A role requirement for an extra needs a male Caucasian actor
  • The age range has to be between 18-30 years
  • The actor needs to have brown hair
  • The size needs to be 42R, 34 waist and 30 inseam
  • There should be no visible tattoos
  • Men also need to have short
  • If they do not have short hair they should allow us to give them a 50’s hairstyle and cut
  • This role also has the probability of recurrence throughout the filming procedure
  1. Male African American

  • A male African American actor is required as an extra
  • The age has to range between 18-30 years
  • The applicant must have brown hair
  • The size must be 42R, 34 waist and 30 inseam
  • There should be an absence of any visible tattoos
  • Men should have short hair or else allow us to style and give them a haircut that pertaining to the 50’s era
  • This role has a chance of recurrence in the filming process
  • For submissions for the above mentioned roles of extras, email to:
  • You need to include in the email, your full name, age, height, weight, size and contact number that has to be valid.
  • A recently captured photograph also has to be submitted as the email attachment
  • For the submissions for child stars, the details of the child as well as that of the parents need to be mentioned
  • Apply only if you fit in the descriptions of each of the roles
  • The CMT would not provide transportation, make sure you have your own
  • No accommodations would be allotted, so make sure you have a plan ready

Hurry up and submit your details to be cast for the miniseries based on a famous movie ‘Million Dollar Quartet’, before the opportunity misses you- Who knows this might just be the chance to enter the glamorous world of stardom!

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