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  1. Kirby Cooper

    I am very interested in hair being a hair model. I have long dark Brown hair. I am 5’10” and I am 16 years old.

    Thanks for the opportunity.



    DOGS! Okay, so I got your attention. I know you probably get a hundred of these comments every day and you skim through them because you probably think none of them are worth looking through. Well this one is. Hi, my name is Naya Brown and Im your best shot at success. This comment is not why I need you but why you need me. Your probably looking for someone to bring originality to the show , some one with something different. Im not gonna tell you what I look like , I want to intrigue you to get to know me better and I bet its working. Please , give me a call. My cell # 512 698 8305 and my house #5122519271. Come on do it. I know its killing you.

  3. Michelle

    By natural, do you mean a natural color or untouched by dyes or chemicals?
    I would love to model and definitely believe that I have what it takes but my hair has been dyed in the last six-eight months…

  4. jessica marie cannon

    Hi, my name is Jessica, I’m am 13 years old and I love to sing, act, model, and dance a little bit I am a natural sandy blonde (curly) I have hazel eyes and would love to do this job.

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