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  1. Jay


  2. Samantha Wilson

    I would love to!

  3. Skylar Kuhlmann


  4. maizy may cathey


  5. maizy may cathey


  6. emily bertram

    I have experience and I am definitely interested.

  7. Susan Mulkey

    Please contact me for further information.

  8. Susan Mulkey

    Please contact me for further information. 210/5086132.

  9. Brittany Rivas

    Beautiful plus size .. Interested … Contact for pictures

  10. Tyler

    I am interested!

  11. valeria macias

    I’m interested

  12. Daishia sanders

    Omg this is what I’ve been looking for

  13. edna lowe

    please i would love to

  14. Shirrae Harris

    I was not able to upload my pictures but if you email me I can send them to you.

  15. Chelsi Cullers

    Hello! My name is Chelsi and I have been interested in modeling for over 12 years! I am always available and willing to do whatever it takes to get an amazing shoot! I also love singing and acting!

  16. Crystal Rose


  17. brandy scipio-walker

    Something I’ve been wanting to do!!! Lets do it

  18. Tiffani-Alexis

    Hi I’m Tiffani and I’m a super out going and confident person and I know I won’t be one to be a disappointment. I’ve got a miraculously high self esteem so I’m never camera shy and I’d be a delight to work with I’d love for you to get the chance to meet me so I hope you’ll consider me when you make your decisions Please email me back I promise It’ll be worth it. I surely got a pretty face.I can send you pictures as soon as you E mail me and let me know if you’re interested.Thank You.

  19. alexandria smith

    I’m very interested. Please contact me…

  20. Kristy Metcalf

    I’m very interested if this modeling job is still active, please let me know.

  21. Prisilla

    Trying to get into modeling..please contact me.

  22. Alivia Jones

    In 12 and I’ve always been fashion forward and interested in fashion and style!!

  23. Stephanie Barrera

    Really interested if any open spots available. .

  24. Stephanie Barrera

    If interested I will send pictures..

  25. angela james

    Im interested

  26. angela james

    im interested please give more info

  27. Melonie

    i am very interested and will send pics please contact me at the following email above

  28. Donna

    Hello, I am a very photo genic female I am interested in your company.

  29. Devon

    I’m interested , email me so I know where to shoot a picture to

  30. Beth Wesner

    Would love too! Plz contact me!

  31. Valerie miera

    Look forward to learning more about the industry

  32. nareman bakr

    Want to become a model, Since I was 6.

  33. Veronika

    Hello, is this still going on? I just moved here from Germany and would love to get involved in plus size modeling. I can send photos from my last shooting in Germany, so please contact me if there is still some interest. 🙂

  34. McCoy Cox

    Hello! I am an experienced model, I have been through Barbizon model and talent agency along with experience from IMTA (international model and talent association). I am 19 years old , 5’3″, and photogenic! I am interested in the job so please email me for pictures!

  35. Emma Mati

    I am very interested in this offer. My name is Emma Mati and I am 13 almost 14. I am very confident in modeling.

  36. meagan


  37. Shemeka Wilson

    Modeling is another one of my dreams I would like to implement.

  38. Bianca Perez

    Hi im very interested lemme know where to send pictures

  39. Elizabeth Abbasi

    Beautiful plus size size very interested never done modeling before but would love to get into the field. I am half Hungarian half Puerto Rican I’m bilingual with brown hair and green eyes.

    Elizabeth Abbas
    626) 373- 5326
    SA , TX

  40. Lorena Soto

    I’m very interested. .

  41. LaQuey

    Would be interested in your contact info. Pleaseinbox my email for serious inquiry only.

  42. brandy clemons

    Very interested..

  43. patricia ruiz

    Very interested I’ve been wanting to do modeling since the age of ten and if u are interested in contacting me for a couple pictures. Thank you for taking me into consideration

  44. Meghann Thompson

    Meghann Thompson
    Some modeling experience
    Age- 19
    Height- 5’8
    Weight- 200
    Bust- 38DD

    1. Meghann Thompson

      Plus size but athletic

  45. Demena Brown

    Hi i am interested in the opportunity available please contact me via Email thanks

  46. Linda Steward

    I’m Linda Steward
    18 years old
    5’7″ tall
    Around 200lbs
    With a 42DD cup size
    And anywhere from 8.5 to 9 size shoe.
    I have very little modeling experience but I’m a quick learner with a spunky personality 🙂
    I’d love to hear from yall!
    Thank you.

  47. Alexia Valadez

    I am interested and think I have potential for this position

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