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  1. Cynthia Ann

    I am interested in doing tattoo modeling. I have a full right sleeve and several other tattoos. I am 30 years old and would love the opportunity to do a photo shoot.

  2. Michelle Capraru

    Interested in tattoo modeling. Fit, blonde with left sleeve and side, hip tattoo

  3. Zacharly

    I would love to do a shoot. I’m 24 petite lots of tats

  4. Ashley Q
  5. Mercedes

    Im really interested in doing tattoo modeling. Im 20 yrs old and i have 7 tattoos.

  6. shaniqua

    I’m interested I’m 21 I have 12 tattoos with a beautiful face and shaped up well

  7. bobbie byerly

    I am a blonde hair blonde eye 20 year old female with a few tattoos. I am extremely interested in the opportunity.

  8. Denise Devarona

    My name is Denise, I’m 19, size 0, 5’0, with 9 tattoos, in shape, petite. I am very interested in doing any form of tattoo modeling.

  9. janine anderson

    Would like to become a tattoo model because I have way to may to just model I have about 50 tattoos

  10. renea r

    I have 7 tats… I’d be interested in seeing what this is about. I’ve been offered to model mine before, but never went thru w/it.

  11. Roe

    I am 24yrs old. I have 11 tattoos. 5’3-slender & curvey. I’m interested in tattoo modeling & commercial work.

  12. Kimberly Jasiewicz

    I would love to have the opportunity to do a photoshoot I am 5’11 and have tattoos wrapped around my neck I have a sleeve and one my legs and feet all together I have 19 tattoos big and small please let me know how to reach u so I can send a picture thanks so much

  13. Shyne'

    I am 22 years old and I have many tatts. I would love the opportunity to be a tattoo model for you all.

  14. Ericka

    How do I send a pic?

  15. Janie

    Am very interested in this AWSOME position am a 25 year old Hispanic female I have a total of 9 tattoos , I love tattos and I want more and a lot more

  16. Krys

    I have 20+ tattoos, I love tattoos and want more…

  17. Reyelina Trainor

    I would love an opportunity to work with you!
    I’m 19
    Cup size-34C
    Weight-115-120 (Fluctuating weight)
    Race-Caucasian/ Hispanic
    Waist-16 inch.
    Hips-26 inch
    20+ tattoos.
    (My left arm is heavily tattooed with many different designs. right arm one word on my forearm. Behind my left thigh, right rib cage, behind my right ear, my ring finger, back of my left shoulder, front left shoulder and lower right hip.
    Modeling has been my dream and I’m more than ready to show what I can do with what i have been blessed with. You will not be sorry.

    Sincerely, Reyelina Trainor

  18. Dequindra Brightman

    Hello,my name is Dequindra I’m 19 I live in Dallas,TX
    Weight: 117lbs
    Height: 5’7
    Tattoos: 7 total arm, leg, neck, wrist, back
    Skin tone: light
    Hair: black
    Cup size : 34 c
    This seems like a great experience

  19. Jacie McClellan

    I dont know where to submit photos but I’m fairly well tattooed, my husbands a professional tattoo artist and I love being his canvas. Im 22 I have a chest piece 3/4 back piece half sleeve and a few others 🙂

  20. Niko Klutts

    Hi, I’m Niko. I’m 19.
    Hair color: Cherry Red (at the moment)
    Tattoos: Full Chest piece, Owl on my upper leg, and a lower right arm tattoo the covers the underneath of my arm.(currently getting more, wanting more in the future as well 🙂 )
    Gender: Female
    Area living: Dallas,Tx
    Skin tone: Very light tan, olive color.
    Gauges: double zeros (at the moment)
    Piercings: I had two nose piercings, and two lower lip piercings (can get more if needed)
    I use to help out at the tattoo shop, Along with small job modeling. I’m easy to work with and would love to model for you. I think this would be fun!

  21. Madelaine eks

    Can you send me a Mail with your pictures.? I need them for a fashion campaign
    Thank you!

  22. Edisha Denay Williams

    I would like to be a model

  23. vetty

    how can i send in a picture?

  24. Jasmine Gibson

    20 year’s of age, live in dallas TX 10+ tattoos short blonde 5’2 135 lbs please contact me 2143752132 via email. Thankd

  25. Marcia Palermo

    I have experience with action and still shot modeling.. and some “unconventional” photoshoots as well.. i have an extensive variety of tattoos all full color by local artists.. no scratcher work.. last job was the women of apocalypse calendar 2014- miss sept.. i have full makeup pics as well as natural.. pick your poison..

    1. Marcia Palermo


  26. Nicole


    Height: 5`5
    Weight: 110lbs
    Cup size: 32b
    Dress size: 0-2
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color: blonde

    Very interested! Plenty of tattoos.
    Whole thigh tattoo. Half sleeve. Butt, breast, hand, neck. Plenty.

  27. Kaitlin

    i would love a chance to do this im 24, 5 ft 3 120 lbs with alot of tattoos 20+, where do we send photos and headshot?

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