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Disney Channel Auditions

Nowadays parent would love their young kid actors to find some Disney Channel Auditions in Texas. Everyone knows of a star that got their start with auditions from Disney Channel. In order to have success at Disney Channel auditions in Texas are basically the same as normal acting auditions for children.

Texas Disney Channel auditions are not the only way to get your start as a Disney Channel star, but it is the most simple and direct way to become a star on Disney Channel. As the parent you should be planning your strategy to succeed in order to have a chance of achieving your child acting goals at Disney Channel in Texas or just the acting industry in general. Having a clear idea of what you want for your child’s future should help you keep your goals realistic and help you work on your child’s acting skill to be the best they can be. Remember to avoid wasting time and get as much accomplished as quickly as possible to help your child’s goals become a reality because it really does take a ton of work to succeed.

In order to be taken seriously in this business and if you truly do want to find some Disney Channel auditions in Texas just keep in mind that you need to stay focused and do the research so you are prepared. In the end, acting skills and being prepared will give a huge contribution towards achieving your goals.

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  1. Andiee Gonzalez

    I’m Andiee

    I’m 16, it would mean alot if my dream came true which is to act. Where I’m from many people are not able to dream big. But I want to prove them wrong show them if you really want it, it can happen

  2. Andiee Gonzalez

    Hi I’m Andiee
    16 year old small town girl with big dreams. Please help me make them come true
    Contact me here

  3. shemar

    i really want to become a star

  4. samyia white

    Hi my name is Samyia . I am 11 years old .I would love to act on Disney channel . My teacher always thought I could do anything I shoot for.I believe I can . You can contact me here :2148540574

  5. samyia white

    I love to act. I love to dance but I can’t sing I was always made fun of all my friends could sing but I couldn’t. they thought if I couldn’t find I couldn’t do anything. I really want to prove them wrong. I wanna be like Bridget Mindler . she is my role model. contact me please @2148540574

  6. victoria lopez

    Hello my name is Victoria, my friends call me Tori. i have a energetic personality, i love to act and i hope you all give me a chance to star in a show. contact me 956-862-6597 hope to hear from you soon

  7. Juliet Tompkins

    I have been singing and acting for 7 years. I am pretty. I am 10 years old. I really want to be a star.

  8. Micah

    Hey, I’m Micah and I’m 13 years old. I grew up watching Disney Channel and admiring all the shows and characters. I would love to have an amazing success story with Disney Channel! I have been involved in my school’s Theatre program ( Selena Gomez’s old school ). My Theatre believes I could make it out in the acting business and I do too! Thank You (:

  9. Cyris Burgan

    Hello, my name is Cyris Burgan and I am 13 years old. I would love the opportunity to be apart of your show/shows. I do have experience with acting and will do any thing that is asked of me. I do understand that I have A one in a million chance of being of part of this but I would still like to be an option. Please email me if you think I have a chance.

    Thank You.
    P.S , I don’t look like a 13 year old because of my height.

  10. Madison

    Hi my name is madison!!I love to act,dance and sing!I would love to be a actress so I can take care of my family but my brother mostly because he is handycaped and my mom is getting older.I would love to be on a show on Disney channel,Disney xd or nick!!I don’t care which one!!Selena Gomez,Debby Ryan,Raini Rodriguez,Ross Lynch and more I look up too!I would do anything and everything too be a actor!!

  11. Angel ramirez

    Dear Disney,
    Im Angel im 15 year old male ,i know im old, but it would be an honor to be an actor. Alot of people told me ill never make it cause i don’t have the looks for it, and i have no talent so i should have gave up they said. From then on my dream was to prove them wrong. So if you would help me on that dream it’ll be greatly appreciated Call:682 557 0255
    From loving fan,
    Angel ramirez:)

  12. samyia white

    I was recently caed by you all but some how i have lost your alld number so may you all give me a nother call @2148540574

  13. joseph inclan

    Please call 956 5239629

  14. Timecia Weathersby

    Please can you put me in Disney channel I’m love football even if I’m a girl my favorite teacher told me I can do any thing so I want to be in Disney channel .Like other people they don’t put the race well I’m African American in I’m 10 years old I have 3 sisters plus me it 4 girls I have 1 nephew well more information call 4695541092

  15. Renee

    Hi, my name is Renee. I am 17. I have always wanted to go into acting. I love to play basketball and volleyball. I get along great with other people.i really want to audition because I haven’t had much luck in my life and I really hope that I make it as an actress.

  16. Julie Resendez

    Hi I’m Julie I’m 11 about to 12 in 3 months and I don’t look like it but I’ve learned to be yourself from your show. So I live in corpus christi Texas have brown hair, light brown eyes, and I wear glasses and I’m in the IB program and contact me at thank you.

  17. Laura williams

    Im unable to find your card Cardsapp

  18. Andrea Lemons

    Hi my is Andrea!!!
    I am african american….I love to have fun, I play the clarinet, I am 11 years old, I love to sing and dance, and I wish I can show my talent to the world.
    I am a praise dancer, a stepper (drill team), and I am very inspirational and I have confidence and hope in myself!!!
    My dream every since I was 3 years old I always wanted to be on t.v….for either singing, dancing, or just being me…..I Love Disney Channel
    Thank You

  19. Jacqueline

    Hello, my name Jacqueline!
    I am a fun loving 16 year old girl who is going on 17 in April.
    I have dark brown, almond shaped eyes; fair, flawless skin that is a caramel color. I am also multiracial: African American, Caucasian, and Hispanic. I can also sign language, and speak Spanish fluently.
    I love to act, sing, dance, you name it! I always put 110% into everything I do to ensure success and I love to express the importance of dedication.
    Disney Channel IS my entire childhood! Ever since I was a little girl I have dreamt of being a part of the wonderful productions such as Lizzie McGuire and the Cheetah Girls. I distinctly remember gazing in awe and wanting to be on one of those productions when I got older, and now I’m older!(:
    Thank you for your time and consideration!

  20. Kennedi Upshaw

    Hi my name is Kennedi & I’m 7 years old and I have always wanted to be on Disney channel since I was 4 years old. I enjoy pretending to be someone else on my spare time. I would really like the opportunity to be on Disney Channel.

  21. Jalee Langley

    Hi, I am Jalee. It is my dream to me on tv and to be famous. I want to be noticed and seen. I love to sing. It is my passion and so is acting. Salena Gomez is someone I look up to as an actress and a singer. She is an amazing person. Ever since I first saw her on WWP I have wanted to be just like her. When I tell my mom that I want to be famous, she says that she will support me and that she hopes my dreams come true. I am so happy that my family supports me. I just hope that my dreams will someday come true.

  22. Adriana Ponce

    Hello, my name is Adriana, I’m 14 yrs old, and well I have a dream and it is to be an actor I also write music. I have two siblings who are disable and in my family no one really goes no where, and I want to be the first one who becomes an actor.

  23. Ireoina

    Hello my name is Ireoina. I love to act, sing and dance and inspiration is everywhere for me I love to give back to the world . I spend time with my brother 24/7 . I been dreaming about being on tv for 5 years. I always give my 110 % and never give up my motto is if you can dream it can be yours I am loving caring person. Im african American ,
    wear glasses and have hair to my shoulder and im about 4.11.

    Thanks for your consideration and time

  24. veontre

    Hi my name is veontre. Im pretty short for my age. Im about 4″11. I love watching Disney channel and disney xd . My favorite show is kickn it . I love playing football playing basketball and playing mw3 . I would love ba a actor on disney channel or disney xd

  25. for_children

    I enjoy what you guys tend to be up too. Such clever work and exposure!
    Keep up the good works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to our

  26. Jaqueline

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  27. Melanie orozco

    My daughter name is Melanie shes five likes to talk learns things fast and is cute she likes to sing and dance hope she makes it . Call @ 210-762 -9552

  28. Rozlan foster

    My name is rozlan foster, I am an 11 year old girl. I want to be an actress cause that has been my dream for all my life. I would like to hear from any producer for an acting job. I like to act and I like to sing. I am a really good singer. I hope I can hear from a producer and if I don’t I’m just going to keep trying. Hope to hear from you.

  29. cassandra

    thank you for picking me to be in your new movie, I cant wait to work with you.

  30. Louisa Traynor

    hiiiiii my name is Louisa and I love acting I take acting class at my school
    and I took acting for 1year at a church also it is my hobbie and my dream
    email cell 8328531063I am13 years old I love Disney …

  31. Summer Almeida

    Hi my name is summer and I am 15 years old. I have never acted before or ever preformed on tv or anything like that. But I am a small town girl with a lot of potential and dedication. I may not be the best but I will give you 110%. It’s my dream to be an actress. I just love when I watch tv or watch a show on Disney channel because I tell myself that will be me one day. So can you help my dream/ wish come true.

  32. jessica marie cannon

    My name is Jessica I love to act and sing and don’t really know about dancing, but acting has always been a dream of mine I really hope you choose me

  33. Lakamren Whaley

    Hello, my name is Lakamren. I am from Dallas , TX. I would really appreciate if you guys would consider giving me a chance to show you my true talent acting. Thanks.

  34. maribella botello

    My names mari. Its been my dream to be an actor since I was tree years old it would mean so much if I could many people tell me I won’t be a actor or I can’t but I’m a big dreamer.

  35. Tamryn

    My name is Tamryn and I would love to be on Disney channel I’m just a girl in Texas trying to have more things to keep me busy so I can stay out of trouble. It would be a honor to me if I was on a show or even emailed back. I can dance I can sing and I love to do nails I play sports and I am very athletic. I would to love to work with you guys. I really admire that when a new actress comes for a audition and they male it you make them famous. I have a dream that I could be writing the Disney channel sign. Can’t wait until I get a email back I’ll be waiting.

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