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  1. Christopher

    My name is Christopher I am a manager representing a very special group of models who are interested in showcasing their talents as up and coming attractive models and dancers. There are four of them hailing from Dallas, Texas making huge a huge name for themselves.

    They are very talented at what they do and love promoting and networking with other up & coming talents. They are very ambitious, eagerly struggling to gain exposure and developing as remarkable models. Given the opportunity I would like for them to be added as one of the Guest Appearances. Their talents as of right now are Modeling, Acting, and Dancing.

    They want to pursue all these industries on a professional level. The sky is the limit for them and being that they are all 18 and in college the possibilities are endless. Overall, they want to be acclimated into modeling more than anything. So yes they are interested in runway modeling body and face. As well, they are very erotic dancers integrating the Hip Hop culture. But just strutting in Hip Hop videos will not be their ultimate star stunning finale.

    Ultimately they want to travel the world and gain recognition for being supportive of current world issues and inspire other young minds to shoot for their dreams. These are some bright young women who are on top of their game. With your assistance and networks I believe it could help make them a lot more illustrious.

    Again, thank you in advance for your kind consideration & for responding. My job is to get them to the top. I would love for you to meet them.

    Christopher Smith

    1. ivory nunez

      hi my name is ivory nunez I tried submitting for auditions it wouldent submit can you contact me 2106899057 thank u

  2. Lydia Ortiz

    I believe these modeling jobs I have been viewing are all for this 2011 summer and this summer is about to end. I would like information on modeling jobs for future events. I am from Brownsville Texas, I am a teacher and I am 49 years old but I’ve been asked to model because they thought I was in my 30’s, so I would really love to if the right offer comes my way. IT’s always been a secret dream of mine, no experience but I’m very confident. Willing to travel on weekends and during the summer out of state if necessary.

  3. kalea

    hi i wanted to ask do you have to pay for anything besides photos

  4. Mrs. Goolsby

    Is your search for models regarding the Denton Fall Show still ongoing?

  5. Ja'Tianna Mingo

    Could you please send me a email when you have auditions in Houston,TX please.

  6. Melina

    I was wondering how will i know about something i put in an application for. I put in the application for the hip hop dancers needed in Dallas, TX. How do I get more information.

  7. Rene Gonzalez

    Links to submit photos do not appear to work. Any other ways to contact you?

  8. Reyna Cuellar

    Casting Session this saturday oct. 22 on the importance of the DREAM Act

    Looking for actors to come out in a student produced PSA (public service announcement) on the importance of supporting the ballot that might be passed this November on the DREAM Act. In need of four actors representing the ages of 20-35, with ethnicity of either Latino, African descendent, Asian, or Indian. Due to the parameters of the DREAM Act, this will not be for the Caucasian race. They also must be willing to work in a real kitchen, and be comfortable with cooking. (unpaid) Auditions to be held.

  9. The Look Fashion Events

    I am interested in posting a casting call to hire models for our upcoming and ongoing paid Fashion Shows. How may I post my casting call on this website?

  10. Latoya

    I would like to post casting information for modeling and acting opportunities in the Dallas area. Please respond to let me know how I could go about getting this information out to your website viewers. Thank you

  11. Saadia

    I am looking for a model. How do I submit the information to your website? Thanks!

  12. Antoine Banks

    Date: August 16, 2012

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am a new actor and model looking to break into professional acting and modeling. I’ve came across your website when I was searching for acting and modeling gigs. In 2010 I’ve taken an Acting I class at Lone Star College; auditioned and acted in a few other productions.

    As for my work; I produced, edited, and took the starring roll in a video called Cause You’re Watching Over Me. I also acted as the 3rd wise man for our church Christmas play.

    I should also mention that I’m looking to jump into professional acting and modeling full-force. My love for acting and modeling; along with my experiences and my willingness to learn will help to aid me in a successful career.

    Thanks again for taking the time to read my post; and I look forward to meeting you in person. I am available any time for an audition. Feel free to contact me on my cell phone at 713-870-8706.


    Antoine Banks

  13. thelma

    Hello, I am unable to apply for any of the castings on you site when i submit nothing happens, the page never changes.
    Just makine you aware of this error.

  14. Carrie Moya

    How do we apply to become a promo model??

  15. Jin Lope'

    What locations do you have in Texas and is there a number so that I can call and speak to someone from your office? Thanks.

  16. Lena


    I have a 10 year old son that is interested in modeling and acting. He has never had a chance to and I really am not sure where to start. If at all possible will please give me any helpful information?

    I also have a 2 year old daughter that I would like to get into modeling as well.


  17. Savvy

    Hey Me and My Son Kyran are more than interested! Im trying to get his cute little butt into modeling hes 3 months and has an outstanding look, if your interested please shoot me an email and id love to send over some photos along with contact information!

  18. Gabriella

    I really want to model I have awesome tattoos call me 8326651460

  19. Titilayo

    I am starting a female clothing online business. I need 4 beautiful female models sizes 8,10 or 12, to assist in launching the site with photo shoots which will take place July 30. Name, height dress and shoe size should be sent to divine.xpressionz@ include number where you may be reached. Pay is $11/hr

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