“Bumble and Bumble” looking for hair models (Austin, TX)

We are holding a Bumble & Bumble live event at our Hair Studio in Austin, Texas all throughout the month of November. We are looking for 2 female high fashion type MODELS (must have a model “look”) to have their hair styled, colored, and teased. We need mid to long hair, normal/shiny in texture.

It starts at 3pm-8pm. Models will receive a bunch of free Bumble & Bumble Products, as well as tons of exposure. For more information on the casting submit photos below and include any resume information you may have. Best of luck to all future models that submit information!

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  1. Leola Canada

    I want to be a Hair Model that will turn the industry inside out with my
    stylist natural salt and pepper hair. I know that this not a new concept, however, I get nothing but compliment after compliment whenever I go
    anywhere! I’m at the Grocer, or pumping gasoline, or I am the Laundromat, or I’m at the Bank, or I’m in line at Wal-Mart, and some guy told me that he
    had to turn around and come back in because my hair looked so attractive,
    But, I don’t do much to it to make it look so good, it’s the color that everyone
    say that is so stunning! You must see it to believe what I am saying. I just the
    opportunity to show people that my hair is real, it’s not a wig and it has not
    been done by highlights, and what have you. It is all real, and it’s all mine.
    For the compliments that I get, I want to make a saving for my grandchildren tto say that, “Hey my grandma has got it going on, she is the hippest grandma of the 21st Century, she is just amazing!

  2. Leola Canada

    Hey, this is the Silvered Hair Lady again! You can also reach me at (512) 708-0719 or canlele78722@yahoo.com

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