Audition for Three Original Plays


If you have always been excited about acting in a theatre then here is your chance. Artists from Suburbia are seeking a group of local actors who would love to be a part of the three plays penned down by some of the playwrights. Bringing these plays to life will be one of the best experiences of your life. This commitment does not require a lot of time and you can exhibit your acting skills in stage plays that have ever been acted upon previously. So regardless of the fact that you are a seasoned actor, or someone who is stepping into the fantastic world of acting for the first time, you must know that your talents will be appreciated.

Details about the Performances

Commitments for Rehearsals

Date and Time:Wednesday, 15th June 2016 6:00 -10:00 PM and Thursday, 16th June 6:00 – 10:00 PM

Both the rehearsals will take place at the Public Library of East Bridgewater. The actors will have to meet sporadically for the rehearsals before the aforementioned two major rehearsals. The timings and dates for these rehearsals will be at the discretion of the directors and shall be based upon the availability of the majority.

Reservation for Audition

You may tell us briefly about yourself and also tell us if you have any past experience of acting and why you want to become a part of Artists of Suburbia. You can also mention if you have any particular time and date in mind on which you would like to audition.

Even if you haven’t booked a spot earlier through email, you can walk in for the audition. However, you will be catered to only if the directors are not pressed for time.

You must come 10 to 15 minutes prior to your audition time.

Preparation Details

All the interested actors are supposed to prepare a monologue of 30 seconds -60 seconds from a movie or a play that will portray their acting skills the best. The candidates can also prepare scripts from the actual plays that are available at the company website.

All those actors who want to perform for “the Moon. And She” are requested to also come prepared with 16 bars of any easy folk song that will perfectly demonstrate their rhythm and pitch.

The actors must always be ready to be creative and play versatile characters.

All those actors who are invalids or have mobility disabilities are encouraged to apply. The performance stage and rehearsal areas are completely accessible.

About the Plays

The Daffodil Girls

It is written by Amanda O’Donnell. The director is Ronni Marshak. In this play, the social class system of America is thoroughly scrutinized from the eyes of three young counselors who share a cabin in an expense summer camp for girls. The play means to extract answers for difficult questions like how economic standings touch the kind of people we have become.

The Werewolves

The play has been written by Alex Moon. Corinne M Mason is the director. A young boy called Hans is put in charge of a secretive elite regiment of Hitler’s Youth just when he was 16. Hormones flare up as his comrades and he struggle with the responsibility towards their nation and the sense of obligation towards their fellow men.

The Moon. And She

The play is written by Monica Giordano and directed by Erica Simpson. The “Girl” does not want to abandon her Mother in quite a similar way as the Moon doesn’t want to abandon the Sun but there is no running away from what must happen necessarily. While the moon is on its revolutions, the girl is on her revelations. With every single step and passing over the oceans, both discover who they truly are – lights in the darkness.


These are non-paid roles.

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