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Casting for Main Roles in “Beyond the Vows”


Produced by Devin Brown and Sean Johnson, the casting team of “Beyond the Vows”, is looking for actors to play as the main leads in this gripping story line, revolving around the norm of divorces in our present society.

If you believe you have the persona to place yourself in the spotlight, establish your credentials as an actor and fulfill the demands of the intensity devouring roles, then you have come to the right place.

Synopsis of the Movie

Fighting against the conventions of the present society, where divorce seems to be a thing of norm, Beyond the Vows, revolves around the life of one such couple.

The lead actress, Karen Burbank, vows to save her married life when she learns about the affairs of her husband, Don. Both agreeing to play their part in saving the marriage, Karen, works on her insecurities as her husband, Don, promises to set everything in order and remain loyal to her for times to come.

After proving to Karen that he is a changed man, Don realizes that his past has come back to haunt him.

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